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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 3, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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to. so remember this number. thirty-eight. and in just 30 minutes the a's take on the texas rangers again in a game drawing thousands of people to the oakland colosseum. why it could mean a big celebration for the team and the fans. good afternoon. i'm tori'm campbell. the entire regular season comes down to the final game for the oakland a's.
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right now they are tied for the texas rangers for the lead in the american league west and happening now ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savage is live at the colosseum where the two teams face off for a win or take all game and the crowds must be so excited alex? >> reporter: they certainly are. the colosseum will be a loud place. half hour until the first pitch and this game as you can see over here on the ticket kiosk it is officially sold out. there's a playoff-like atmosphere out here as the a's take on the texas rangers with a division title on the line. >> [applause] >> fired up a's fans filed into the colosseum this morning, confident in their teams chances today. >> we aren't worried. >> we're going to win. we are going all the way. >> on the field the a's players are staying loose knowing they can cap off an improbable season ending run with a win today. the victory would make them al west champions. >> they got the mojo. you know, i mean, once you get
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a ball rolling, it's kind of hard to stop it. >> it's a season finale that no one wants to miss. these two boys got the green light to skip school today just so they can be here. >> so you're ditching school today? >> they have baseball fever. >> [laughter] >> a's fever. >> absolutely. >> and early this morning hundreds of people lined up at the colosseum box office hoping to buy a ticket for todays game and some of them ended up disappointed. >> nothing at all. tickets are sold out. nothing at all. >> unfortuntely, they've waited until the very last moment to buy them. >> the a's representatives i talked to this morning says they will uncover the extra seats by mountain davis if they are playing in a world series. if they win today they are heading straight to the division series but on the other hand if they can't pull it out they face the prospect of a one game all-or-nothing wildcard game. not what the fans here want.
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luckily the red hot a's certainly have the momentum heading into this final game. live this after moon at the colosseum in oakland, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you alex and playoff fever is sweeping the bay area. can tvu channel 2 viewer sent us this photo of her baseball bunch. if you have pictured send them to and we might show yours on the air. five people are looking for a temporary home after it was destroyed by fire overnight. it began around midnight on bevnivu avenue. we spent the morning in berkeley talking about neighbors about a close call for some residents. >> reporter: this morning the homeowner returned to the scene of the fire. he told us he was asleep when the fire broke out. neighbors described it as a wall of flames. >> it's going to be a long type before i forget that image of seeing whole house engulfed. >> fire fighters say four residents got out on their own and police rescued a fifth
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victim in a wheelchair. >> the heat and smoke were just above their heads, so they entered an atmosphere which would be challenging. >> no one was hurt but this was not an easy fire to fight. firefighters had to get out after the roof partially collapsed. >> we don't know the cause of the fire but what we do know is the bulk of the fire was in the back of the house and the owner says his brother actually saw flames coming from the bottom floor. >> firefighters also think they know the source of a strange sound neighbors reported hearing. >> it sounded sort of like something being hosed down or like a jet going on and off. >> investigators say at least one propane tank was on the back deck and they are designed to release gas when they heat up. investigators work to stabilize the scene so they can start their investigation today but warn searching for answers may take awhile. in berkeley, ktvu channel 2 news. it is san jose police are
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investigating two drive by shootings in the same neighborhood that sent two men to the hospital. they happened within two blocks of each other last night on easy street. one happened around 11:30 near cass drive. the 27 year odd victim was walking his bike and shot in the leg from behind. the second shooting happened near el cajon. that victim was shot from behind. police say they have little information about the shooter or shooters. >> we're not sure how many suspects there were. we're assuming since the car was moving that we're speculating since the car was moving there might have been two suspects. the victims nor any witnesses got a good view of any suspects in the area. >> police say the shootings appear to be random. both victims should be okay. deadly violence in oakland has claimed the lives of five people in just 18 hours. police say five men died in separate shootings on monday night and tuesday. the fifth homicide happened yesterday afternoon when a 44- year-old man was shot on his
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porch on 57th avenue near international boulevard. investigators do not believe the shootings are related. no arrests have been made. a man who apparently shot himself in the head while running from hayward police yesterday has died. officers responded calls of a man acting strangely around 4:00 yesterday afternoon on montgomery street. witnesses told police he might have a gun. police say that when the first officer showed up, the man took off running. the officer said he heard a shot and found the man lying on the ground with a head wound and a gun lying beside him. barack obama and mitt romney are making final preparations right now for their first presidential debate scheduled to begin in less than six hours. it will be held at 6:00 our time, at the university of denver. workers are putting the finishing touches on the stage this morning as both men checked out the setting. both sides agree expectations could play a big role in who people consider to be the
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winner. >> governor romney is probably a little bit the under dog but i think he will be ready and he's going to be ready on the issues which is really what this election is about. >> i think that expectations are probably working a little bit against us and more for mitt romney right now but at the end of the day i think that the winner is going to be declared by the american people based on what these two candidates say. >> this is the first of three debates between the presidential nominees. the vice president shall nominees also have a debate that happens next tuesday. you can watch tonights presidential debate on ktvu channel 2. our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. we'll be streaming the debate live on, mobile and the ktvu ip app. a popular discount airline is offering a deal for travelers to piggyback off next months presidential election. coming up at 12:15 we'll let you know how you could get a free flight from this airline in a dell that will get voters pumped up for election day. boy it has been really hot
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in the bay area this week and that has forced the closure now of a popular san jose park. ktvu is live at allen rock with more on why officials are so concerned. good afternoon, janean. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we just saw a fire engine coming through here doing patrols because of the high fire danger at allen rock park. we've seen car after car and cyclists get turned away. they didn't know the park was closed and city officials don't want to take the risk of having people using the parks trails when there's so much potential fuel for a fire. the park closed yesterday when temperatures hit 99 degrees and the humidity was low. that mays for high fire danger. the same conditions are expected today so park rangers decided closing the park would be a good idea. they say allen rock park is unique because it is located in a steep canyon area and has its own micro climate. this morning many hikers, cyclists and drivers were disappointed they couldn't use the park. we caught up with two players from the san jose earthquakes who were hoping to get a good work out in.
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>> really surprised us. kind of disappointed. this is our day off and we wanted to have fun in the mountains but happens i guess. better to be careful than to go out there and have maybe a fire happen and lose a couple houses. >> there are homes that are located above the park and firefighters say those people are especially vulnerable to the high fire danger. discarded cigarettes are the most common causes of fires here. >> allen rock park is our equivalent of what we call san jose as the potential for oakland hills because of the high density of homes above the park. >> rangers will check the weather conditions later today to determine if allen rock park will stay closed tomorrow. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janean. mark tamayo is in the ktvu weather center now letting us know when a real cool down happens for the bay area. he will have your full forecast in 10 minutes. hp ceo meg whitman
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delivered disappointing news to investors today. she said in a conference call she expects earnings to call more than 10% next year due to a wide range of problems and a weak economy. whitman said she inherited a bloated company a year ago and the issues are so severe there may be no revenue growth again until 2015. shares shed nearly 11% on the news and are trading at about $15.25, that's the lowest they've been in about a decade. nurses are on the picket line again today at santa rosa memorial hospital. nurses are angry at a hospital wants them to pay more for their health coverage and take lower pay for some shifts. hospital administrators say they are already anticipating financial shortfalls when the affordable care act goes into effect in 2014. the nurses planned a two day strike but the hospital had to fire replacement nurses for four days so the regular nurses will not be back on their jobs
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until saturday. and just a few hours, occupy protesters will be outside chevron's refinery in richmond. it's a response to the massive fire at the refinery in august. protesters want safety improvements and reduced emissions. they plan to march to the refinery at 3:00 this afternoon. yesterday, the city council passed a resolution requiring chevron to use higher standards when rebuilding the crude unit that caused the fire. more testimony is expected later today in oakland at the murder trial of jeselle esteban accused of killing hayward nursing student michelle ley last year and dumping her body. yesterday, defense lawyers said estaban was at an emotional low point at the time of ley's death. the lawyers did not deny that esteban killed her. instead they say it happened in the heat of passion and should not be considered first or second degree murder. the blue angels are doing practice runs in the skies over
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oakland tomorrow and friday. danville pilot whose known for his heroic landing at the commercial airliner in new york's hudson river will be riding along with them today. the giant hoverer craft also made an appearance at ocean beach this morning. san francisco mayor ed lee was there and impressed by what this vehicle could do. >> i am very surprised at the size of it, the ability to carry emergency equipment from trucks to generators and all the thins that we might absolutely need in a disaster we hope we never have. >> the drill involved a cooperative effort between members of the navy, marines, coast guard and city crews. the mayor said there's also an emergency medical center set up nearby to show people what that operation would look like. and fleet week is just a few of many large scale events happening in san francisco this weekend. the weekend madness includes americas cup races, the hardly strictly blue grass festival
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and the italian heritage parade plus two giants playoffs game and a 49ers game. the city has never had so many events stacked up in such a short period of time. muni, bart and caltrain are all expanding service. nor problems for american airlines today. the close call that a passengers glad to be back on the ground. the hot weather pattern beginning to ease, coming up the temperatures you'd expect in your neighborhood, where the fog is now and the timetable of our major cooling trend. newness in san francisco will soon have to cover up. the proposal being made and how it could end up costing them big bucks.
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in syria, at least 34 people are dead following a wave of suicide bombings. three car bombs explode in the main square today, leveling buildings. a fourth blast was reported nearby. they have become a major battleground between government and rebel forces. meanwhile in turkey, a shell fired from inside syriaxe landed on a home killing at least three people including a six year old boy. american airlines announced this morning it's going back to the bargaining table with its pilots. that comes after a series of maintenance and other problems at the texas based airline.
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yesterday a flight from dallas to st. louis turned back after the pilot reported the landing gear was jammed. passengers prepared for an emergency landing but the plane landed safely. some wondered if the emergency was real or part of the labor dispute. >> some people were cheering as we're landing and the rest of us are thinking was this a scenario that they created or was it real? are they really heros or are they guys just creating a job action? >> american has accused its pilots of submitting an unusually high number of maintenance requests during the labor dispute. and american is also inspecting its 757 jet liners after two incidents in three days where seats came loose from the floor in flight. the first was saturday on a flight from boston to miami and the second monday on a plane traveling from new york to miami. american says it has identified the problem as an improperly installed clamp and its planes are safe to fly. jet blue is offering voters
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an inexpensive way to escape the country if their presidential candidate loses the election. the airline will give away 100 or rather 1006 round trips to voters who end up on the losing side of the battle. can pick one of several caribbean destinations. you immediate to sign up ahead of time at jet protection. the free flights will not include taxes, fees, or the cost of a hotel. california students have a new option when it comes to medical school. a national a crediting agency approved a plan to open a full medical school at uc riverside. it will be the sixth uc medical school and it could start enrolling future doctors some time next summer. in other education news a south bay school district is cutting jobs and moving some students and teachers to other schools. the allen rock unified school district is notifying parents this week of changes. it's eliminating 18 teaching jobs but 13 of those are
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positions that have been left unfilled by the district. the district says it has 211 fewer students than projected and that attendance is down by more than 500 from last year. the changes are expected to save alum rock more than $1 million. and new to san francisco could have to cover up thanks to a new proposal. supervisor says his office is getting an excessive number of complaints about the number of naked people who hang out near 17th and market streets in the cast. >> reporter: o district. now he's proposing a ban on public nudity except for events such as beta breakers. if the ban takes effect violators would be fined $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second, a third strike would result in a $500 charge or a misdemeanor criminal charge. happening right now, we want to take you back live to the oakland colosseum where fans are arriving for todays big game against the texas rangers. first pitch coming up in a few
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minutes at 12:35 and we've just confirmed the a's that it's a sell out crowd. many fans are excited because if the a's win today, the very lastregular season game they clench the division title but if they don't, texas wins the title and then the a's will have to play in a wildcard game. so let's check in with mark to see how the weather is looking for todays game. mark? >> yeah, great weather for that baseball game. saw lots of t-shirts and shorts and that's a good plan with the live shot. lots of clear skies. in fact here is the forecast with more sunshine as we do head into the afternoon hours as you would expect and temperatures already in the 70s and temperatures during the game time right around 80 degrees so mostly sunny and warm for first pitch in a few minutes at 12:35. some more changes taking place as you can pick out this fog bank to our south and west, in fact this is a key change from monterey bay closer to the san mateo county coastline, we have a southerly breeze and that
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reversal in the wind direction is the key to our forecast for the cooling trend that begins today, but it is still hot well inland. you can see the numbers right now already 90 degrees in livermore, and fairfield upper 80s, san francisco yesterday at this time in the lower 80s but right now 69 degrees so already signs that things beginning to change just offshore. for today, most neighborhoods coming down on average about five to 15 degrees from yesterdays highs, real cooling and that moves in for tomorrow and the weekend, major cooling with the sun/cloud mix so coastal fog developing right now but we still have temperatures inland approaching 95-96 degrees for this afternoon. there's a weather system developing up to our north moving in so with that for thursday, a major drop off in those numbers, warmest locations tomorrow basically in the low to mid 80s. so one more day of hot temperatures inland but we're transitioning with that cooling trend kicking in for today. here is our forecast model showing you this and the fog on
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the increase and it moves into our shoreline overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures this afternoon, san francisco 74 degrees, fairfield 95, brentwood 96, san jose topping out at 92 and santa cruz that fog already approaching and with that santa cruz yesterday was 101 degrees and today only 68 degrees. here is a look ahead your five day forecast and there's evidence of our cooling trend as you can pick out for thursday and friday and in fact by the weekend, tori, you're talking about the events happening for this weekend and no major heat. readings mainly in the 70s and once again the fog will be a factor during the night and morning hours so one more day of hot temperatures inland cooling already coastside beginning right now. >> thank you, mark. tempers were flying in oakland last night. >> that's not fair. it's not right. let's do something about it. >> the message from people angry about an officer involved shooting.
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a better than expected report on private sector hiring and news the service sector is growing faster providing investors some encouragement so the gains have been held in check by an slump in energy stocks, taking a live look at the big board the dow currently up two, nasdac up 10 and s & p up three. tensions were hyatt last nights oakland city council meeting as people gathered to have their voices heard about a
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deadly police shooting. >> can you remove those folks who are still standing and refuse to take their seat? >> protesters shouted down council president larry reed. they say the police shooting of 18-year-old allen blueford back in may was unwarranted and unjust it tied. blueford's mother demanded the police report on the shooting. councilman reed eventually gave his copy of the police record to the blueford family, but the family says that report still lives many unanswered questions. oakland police have maintained that blueford pointed a gun at an officer. the oakland police department is responding to the murders by offering people the option to text crime tips to police anonymously. it's part of a new program called nixel tip watch. we'll learn more about when police officially launch the service later today. new at noon, e-shore state park has a new name. berkeley assemblywoman nancy skinner announced this morning the state park and recreation commission has renamed it after
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the co-founder of save the bay silvia mclaughlin. tonight, on ktvu channel 2 news at 5 we're closely watching the action at the colosseum in oakland. the a's could wrap up the division title this after anyone and if they do we will cut into programming. also the debate will be aired on ktvu. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to tune in for the ktvu debate and we're always here for you. have a great day. (wfts.ecl) sizzler's cl
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